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Web & mobile developer

I am a developer who has 7 years of experience in areas of web and mobile app development. I have worked both on frontend and backend and I am familiar with cross-platform solutions for building mobile apps.

  • Age 28
  • Years of experience 7
  • Country Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • City Visoko
  • Website
  • Phone +387 62 862 489
  • Email edznan.jusufovic@outlook.com
  • Freelance Available

Are you looking for a developer for your website or mobile application? Maybe you have a business idea but don't know where to start.


I am adept at working as a team member or an individual contributor.

Front end development

Front end development refers to the user interface portion of websites and web applications which is, the part that users actually see and interact with.

Back end development

Back end development refers to the server side of development where the primary focus is on how the site works.

Mobile app development

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets.


A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without writing code.

Technical writing

Technical writing in the context of blogs and tutorials about software development is the practice of conveying technical information to assist readers in understanding and implementing software-related concepts.

Coding tutorials and courses

Content creation involves producing instructional videos that teach coding concepts and software development techniques through step-by-step explanations and hands-on examples to facilitate learning for viewers.


I take the following steps while preparing and building my projects.






I use modern tools and frameworks in my projects.


Here is a list of technologies I am specialized in.

HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JavaScript 100%
PHP 95%
WordPress/CMS 100%
Laravel 80%
jQuery 100%
Bootstrap 100%
Angular 95%
Ionic Framework 90%
Nodejs 85%
Express 85%


I have worked both on frontend and backend and I am familiar with cross-platform solutions for building mobile applications using web technologies.


Edžnan Jusufović

Developer with experience in areas of mobile and web development with focus on frontend.

  • Visoko, BiH
  • +387 62 862 489
  • edznan.jusufovic@outlook.com


High school diploma

2010 - 2014

High School, Visoko, BiH

Online coding courses

2015 - 2017

Udemy, Sololearn, W3Schools, YouTube

I am a self-taught developer which means that my learning journey is based on online courses and learn-to-code platforms.

Professional Experience

Web / mobile developer

2017 - now


  • I work on small freelance gigs.
  • I design, build and maintain web and mobile apps and sometimes I write tech articles.

Web & mobile app developer



  • I built a small startup project that included a web app and a mobile app.
  • It was an e-learning app that helps users to prepare for driving license test.

Junior mobile app developer

2018 - 2020

Asseco SEE

  • I worked as a mobile app developer using Xamarin and C#.
  • I was involved in development, testing and maintenance of mobile apps.

Web developer

2022 - now


  • Building and maintaining SPA web apps.


If you are looking for someone with these skills and values, don't hesitate to contact me today. I will gladly help you with your project!


Maurovići bb, Donje Moštre 71305, Visoko


+387 62 862 489